From Global Politics to Human Values, this platform explores somewhat controversial topics in an attempt to provoke critical thinking and initiate constructive debate among the youth – join me on a unique quest for knowledge, and in my attempts at unravelling all the “whys” and “hows” of our Mauritian society. For it is only together that we can hope to get a better understanding of that magnificent world we live in.

Life is too deep, complex and beautiful to content ourselves with existing on its ripples. Now is the time to dive into the fabric of our collective existence. Let’s make some waves, people!

About the Author

Born and raised in a paradise island called Mauritius, Johanne Rannoojee is a young community leader, artist and political enthusiast. She is a degree holder in Political Science from the University of Pune, India where she spent 3 years of her life. Her undying thirst for knowledge has been nurtured by her travels, the incredible people she met along her path and her desire to give back to society.

Thanks to her rich experience, she was given the opportunity to be an International TEDxALC Speaker in April 2019 where she addressed the importance of engaging in a process of decolonisation of the mind. She is also a firm believer that knowledge is no longer concentrated in the West and that Africa and Asia hold immense potential for young African minds.

Johanne currently occupies the position of President of the LEO Club Omega of Residence Barkly and has been actively involved in community development in her area from a very early age. Rannoojee is a volunteer at the Centre of Learning, Barkly where she teaches English and Ballet twice a week.

After working with several NGOs in Mauritius, she now works in the field of PR & Communications.